EMS Manager to Sustainability Leader


Seeking to step up into Sustainability Leadership?

Already successful in EMS, HSEQ, HR or H&S manager and seeking to diversify into Sustainability.

Tasked with sustainability responsibilities for your organisation and seeking help?

Interested in working within Sustainability and seeking to boost your career prospects?

You have the knowledge, let us assist you in developing the leadership skills that will assist your future development.

Seeking to transition from EMS, EHS, QHSE management towards sustainability leader. Receive mentoring and training that helps you take the first steps in influencing organisational cultures, communicating like a leader, and developing the leadership mindset to deliver outcomes across organisations.

empowering you to instigate lasting change

The Course

The only introductory Sustainability Leadership course providing practical training, guidance and 1-2-1 mentoring by experienced Sustainability professionals.

The focus is on your leadership development, helping you avoid early career pitfalls, help you plan your influencing strategy and to gain insight in what it takes to become a sustainability leader within any organisation.

The remote learning and mentoring experience are designed to empower existing EMS, HSEQ, HR or H&S managers in their first steps as sustainability leaders within organisations. 

Using a variety of learning styles, you will be guided through sustainability basics and develop practical ways to implement a sustainability plan whilst learning about yourself and your ability to communicate effectively with senior decision makers.

What you'll take away

  • Understanding of corporate sustainability and the hidden agenda behind ISO4001
  • Personal insight into how you perceive the world around you and make strategic decisions.
  • Understanding of key internal and external stakeholders
  • Insight into the context and flexibility required to create a sustainable organisation.
  • Practical ways to align your actions with organisational purpose.
  • Practical guidance on upgrading EMS systems to deliver added corporate value.
  • Gap analysis between what you have in place and what needs to happen.
  • A goal-focused sustainability plan and the tools to start implementation; and
  • Understanding how emotional intelligence can enable your effective communicate with senior decision makers.

“Culture does not change because we desire to change it. Culture changes when the organization is transformed – the culture reflects the realities of people working together every day.”

Frances Hesselbein

5 reasons your boss will want you to complete this course

How you'll learn

Covid 19: All our current training and mentoring is delivered online and remotely until further notice:

Coaching by experienced sustainability professionals

“Ross helped me understand what kind of leaders are leading me and what I want to be.”

Oil & Gas Executive (Environmental Leadership Course)

“Philippa's ability to interact and relate to each student was brilliant and she managed to break each element down into bite-sized pieces so that it was much easier to understand.”

Director (Safety First Training Solutions Ltd)

Course tutors

Dr Ross Marshall

Dr Ross Marshall is the founder of Leading Green, a sustainability leadership developmental training company and the Tallinn Forum, a sustainability thinktank for impact assessment professionals.

He is an environmental and sustainability leadership specialist with extensive expertise in impact assessment, corporate environmental & social sustainability issues, CSR, governance, and organisational development matters.

Ross was one of the UK’s first environmental managers, guiding Scottish Power & Manweb’s power transmission businesses to become the first UK utilities to gain ISO 14001. He was previously a Deputy Director with environmental and sustainability responsibilities within UK Environment Agency and remains an active IEMA Fellow and examiner in support of IEMA’s Professional Membership schemes.

Ross specializes in helping individuals and their organisations become leaders in transformational sustainability. This includes professional development training and mentoring, advising Executive & Operational leadership teams in the development of sustainability business performance, governance & organisational culture.  He also works closely with professional bodies, environmental charities and social enterprise groups helping them further their sustainability ambitions.  

In partnership with Philippa Stanley, he is keen to help developing sustainability leaders make the transformation from managers to leaders in their organisations.  Leading Green’s work with YouTree seeks to encourage the integration of sustainability business models and operational practices within Corporate Planning, climate change & adaptation strategies, supply chains and asset management.

Philippa Stanley

Philippa’s leadership experience in environmental management spans over 25 years of extensive sustainability practice in the public and private sectors.  She has guided and consulted on the implementation and integration of management systems, helping multi sector organisations achieve their corporate strategies.

She has developing and delivering bespoke leadership and systems management training internationally and is widely respected as a Management Standard Certification auditor for ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO5001, bringing a recognised emphasis in driving performance through integrated audits particularly within the automotive sector and its supply chains.

Philippa project managed the pilot scheme for BS8555 (Project Acorn) working across a with spectrum of companies, developing an extensive experience in helping in-house teams integrate practical and bespoke management systems, helping inhouse teams to take that first step towards better management and leadership, and mindsets that embrace change and future sustainability action.

In 2018 she developed YouTree TM, a wellbeing and sustainability e-learning programme used within multi nationals and SMEs alike.  Philippa is passionate about the way people learn to drive positive personal development and organisational actions for sustainability and growth.  YouTree’s approach brings a refreshing change to leadership development and the challenges of personal growth. 

In partnership with Leading Green, Philippa’s current focus is in helping young managers to developing and practice specific leadership skills within safe and higher-performance work environment, led by experienced coaches and mentors.

This course is suitable for you if:

  • You work in EMS, HSEQ, HR or H&S within an organisation
  • You have a broad understanding of environment and implementation within an organisational context
  • See sustainability as a key factor in progressing the future of your career

19th / 20th / 21st April 2021

1pm – 5pm

iema CPD requirements for 2020-21

IEMA’s skills map provides the UK benchmark for environment and sustainability professionals seeking progression in their business mission or employment. 

This course is designed to help you progress within: 


19th - 21st April 2021

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