The EMS Leadership Challenge


Do you have the passion to inspire and guide your organisation to take better responsibility for its environmental impact?

Would you like to progress further in your EMS or HSEQ career and experience job satisfaction from knowing you are making a difference each day?  

Let us guide your development from EMS Manager towards EMS Leader by learning what ‘leadership’ within ISO14001 means, how to inspire and motivate senior colleagues others and how to adopt a leadership mindset that can make lasting change.

Learn how to inspire, motivate and empower others

The Course

The only UK & International course providing a practical guide with 1:1 support for EMS professionals. The course will teach you how to evolve from being an EMS process ‘manager’ towards being an EMS leader.

This unique online course with coaching is designed specifically for environmental & QHSE managers or advisors holding operational responsibility for maintaining and advancing the business’s EMS certification.  

It will be an ‘out of the comfort zone’ experience and is designed to challenge you to be the very best EMS leader you can be. We will work on your ability to inspire, motivate and empower.  You will be coached, provided with peer feedback and challenged to undertake a leadership influencing project within your own organisation.

What you'll take away

  • An understanding of what ‘leadership’ means in the context of ISO 14001:2015
  • An overview of what it takes to move to a higher level of EMS management/leadership
  • An understanding of key internal stakeholders and how best to engage their support
  • Communication tools to help you inspire, motivate and empower others
  • Useful techniques to engage your colleagues and senior management in a shared vision
  • A practical Action Plan that develops an EMS leadership auditable outcome

“Philippa's ability to interact and relate to each student was brilliant and she managed to break each element down into bite-sized pieces so that it was much easier to understand.”

Director (Safety First Training Solutions Ltd)

5 reasons your boss will want you to complete this course

How you'll learn

All teaching is delivered remotely:

be coached by experienced leadership professionals

Course tutors

Dr Ross Marshall

Dr Ross Marshall is the founder of Leading Green and an environmental sustainability leadership specialist with extensive expertise in corporate environmental & social sustainability issues, CSR, governance, and organisational development matters.

Ross was one of the UK’s first environmental managers, guiding Manweb and SP Power Systems to become the first two Scottish and English utilities to gain ISO 14001. He was a Deputy Director within the UK’s Environment Agency. He remains an active IEMA examiner, Full Member & Fellow 

Ross specializes in helping organisations become leaders in transformational sustainability. This includes support in developing a sustainability leadership and innovation culture, strategies, advising Executive & Operational leadership teams as they develop sustainability governance & organisational strategy, management accountability, integration, implementation and delivery. 

He works with professional bodies and social enterprise groups to help further sustainability goals and ambitions. He is an expert in environmental risk management (EIA/ESIA & SEA, ESG, SDG), the passage from EMS  to sustainability; the integration of sustainability within corporate planning, climate change & adaptation strategies, infrastructure investment programmes & projects, supply chains and asset management; as well as strengthening organisational performance, reputation & leadership.

Ross’s consulting work, training, executive workshops, and capacity-building work have taken him all over the planet. He regularly publishes blogs, articles, research, tools and guidance on Environmental leadership, Sustainability in Business, Organisational resilience and culture and is actively linked with several international Universities & Environmental Research groups as a Visiting Professor, Research Fellow, Associate, Mentor and Coach.

Philippa Stanley

Philippa’s background in environmental management spans over 25 years with extensive sustainability expertise gained from roles in both the public and private sectors.  She has   implemented integrated systems and helped numerous multi sector organisations as a consultant, in addition to both developing and delivering bespoke training.  For the past 10 years Philippa has been a management Standard certification auditor for ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO5001, with an emphasis on integrated audits and a focus within the automotive sector. 

Having project managed the pilot for Project Acorn, now BS8555, and working with multi agency projects, she has extensive experience of creating practical solutions and empowering others to develop mindset change to embrace greater sustainability action.  

In 2018 she developed YouTree TM, the wellbeing and sustainability e-learning programme for multi nationals and SMEs.  YouTree helps individuals recognise and address the impacts of their actions on themselves, their workplace and their immediate environment and family life. 

Philippa is passionate about the way people learn to drive action for change towards greater sustainability and brings a refreshing look to the challenges of growth whilst integrating business sustainability in more ways than one.

Philippa is a certified energy leadership life and executive business coach, sharing the power of energetic connection and helping people to thrive by finding a deeper connection to the natural environment.  With a unique blend of personal development skills, business acumen and practical sustainable actions, she delivers one to one and team based coaching for heart centred individuals and professionals, blended with horse assisted learning from her base in South Wales.

“Ross helped me understand what kind of leaders
are leading me and what I want to be.”

Oil & Gas Executive (Environmental Leadership Course)

This course is suitable for:

  • Environmental and QHSE Managers/Team Leaders
  • Environmental & QHSE Advisors
  • Anyone who is or will be responsible for EMS management

13th/14th/15th April 2021

1pm – 5pm

iema CPD requirements for 2020-21

IEMA’s skills map provides the UK benchmark for environment and sustainability professionals seeking progression in their business mission or employment. 

This course is designed to help you progress within: 


13th - 15th April 2021

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