Welcome to YouTree, the interactive online platform to engage greater action on sustainability and wellbeing.

As sustainability professionals we strive to make a difference. To reduce impacts and empower change, both at work and in our home lives.

We work in target driven environments looking for ways to increase value and reduce cost. And we often have wide ranging responsibilities that touch the whole organisation.

We’ve been in your shoes, and understand that when you look for a tool to help upskill staff, it often falls short. Real engagement is more than just attending an environmental awareness session.

Creating buy in that drives sustainable action requires a mindset change in our staff and YouTree has been designed to do just that.

It’s called YouTree as it speaks to the user, and starts with the YOU – exploring what YOU actually value and how YOU show up in the world.

What people are saying about YouTree

“Using YouTree helped me to realise that those small things I could do, I really should. Combined between us all they really make a difference and I need no other reason and have no excuse.”

An interview with the founder of YouTree

Philippa Stanley designed YouTree following 30 years experience in environmental management, auditing and training organisations on sustainable working practice. Read why YouTree was created, who it can help and how your organisation can benefit.

Sustainability Steering Wheel


The YouTreeTM Sustainability Steering Wheel is a visual tool that helps assess your progress whilst supporting  you to create a more sustainable organisation.

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Sustainable action? – It starts with ‘YOU’!