What we do

If you are looking for an interactive engagement tool to evoke sustainable actions and implement a paradigm change then YouTree is for you. Applicable to organisations and particularly as a supplier development tool, YouTree offers:

  • The ability for participants to understand how their actions or inactions impact our future
  • A catalyst for change with a unique approach
  • An e- learning package with a light hearted look and serious sustainability message
  • An engagement with the user which addresses and challenges their own unique thoughts and deeds
  • Embraces all aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility from shop floor to strategic thinking
  • Suitability as a Stakeholder engagement tool
  • A method to develop and strengthen your suppliers to create a more agile and sustainable supplier network

If we all make just one change at work and home we will positively impact the world we live in for the sake of mankind, the planet, and our future generations.

What people are saying about YouTree

“Using YouTree helped me to realise that those small things I could do, I really should. Combined between us all they really make a difference and I need no other reason and have no excuse.”

Philippa Stanley is the founder and creator of YouTreeTM

Sustainability Steering Wheel


The YouTreeTM Sustainability Steering Wheel is a visual tool that helps assess your progress whilst supporting  you to create a more sustainable organisation.

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Sustainable action? – It starts with ‘YOU’!